Let’s Talk About Immigration and immigrants

The US is the largest immigration destination. It is international traffic of non-US nationals who want to make the US their residence. Because of that population move toward the US, its population grow in numbers and become more various culturally. To that population is added the refugees and asylees entering the country every day.

 Most immigrants and asylees entering the USA Land in the house of the people who welcome them.  It is different from the refugees who are usually welcomed by the Government-assisted approved nonprofit organizations.

Either way, it is very challenging because of the unknown.

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A refugee is a person who had no choice but leaves his country for any destination to find refuge because of violence, war or any form of persecution. These people who run away from their countries are usually afraid for their life because of racism, religious or political persecution, belonging to a particular group or simply because of their opinions on different matters. In summary, “refugees are people fleeing conflict or persecution.” (UNHCR; 2019).

Thus, refugees are protected by international laws. Every nation is compelled to participate in the global effort of protecting refugees. The protection of refugees involves various aspects. These aspects comprise their protection from the danger zone or environment, their ushering to an objective and resourceful asylum process, and the initiation of measures ensuring the respect of their basic human rights while securing a longer-term way out of their situation.

According to Envoy Global (2018), under the US immigration law, a refugee:

  • Must be a victim of persecutions
  • Secure the status of refugee while still outside the USA. Once inside, there is no option of applying for a refugee status
  • Must have a case of special humanitarian concern to the United States.
  • Can be considered approved for legal entry into the United States.


Am immigrants in the USA is an individual who has come to settle and live permanently in the US. Country. According to USA Facts (2019), a significant number of people enters the US every year. People come for tourism, to works, as refugees escaping persecutions, or investors seeking for better business opportunities.

The main reason attracting people to the USA is the concept that America is a land of opportunity offering ways to improve one’s circumstances. The life circumstances that the people hope to improve can be financial, social, economic, and cultural.


Political asylees

When an individual enters the United States without a legal status, there is possibility to be eligible for asylum and be permitted to remain in the Unites States

asylee applicants usually do not have to have legal immigration status to apply for protection.  Partly because of that opening, asylum has become a popular method with DREAMers and undocumented immigrants. Most of the time it is the only alternative.

There are two ways to apply for asylum in the U.S.:

  • affirmatively (voluntarily or preemptively) or defensively.
  • Defensive applicants are those who ask for asylum in response for being detained or apprehended by immigration enforcement.

In 2013, more than half of asylees obtained protection by means of affirmative applications.

To request asylum in the U.S. under existing laws, an individual must:

  • Fit the qualifications of living under threat of persecution as a refugee.
  • Be already present in the United States or be at a port of entry of the USA seeking admission.


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