In recent years, states have acted to reduce barriers for immigrants to obtain professional licenses through legislation, the governor’s office or creating a task force. 

The reasons vary, from filing state labor shortages and retaining skilled  immigrants to capitalizing on underutilized immigrant talent, and the economic benefits of increased income, spending, and tax revenues from better-paying jobs.

Immigrants integration is the process of economic flexibility and social insertion for new arrivals. 

As such, the integration of newcomers involves institutions and mechanisms that further development and progress within society.

Effective integration develops communities that are safe and more inclusive. 


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CTHI is committed to working with the US Government at a Federal and states to assist immigrants and helping them find their way in the US socio-professional and economical environment.

Services for Socio-Professional Alignment

Training & Coaching

Core Training

Our online courses teaching how to craft a U.S.-style resume, network, connect with employers, and help prepare interviews with confidence.


Connect to the national network of volunteers, employers, and peers in the adequate field.


Work one-on-one with our advisors during your job search

Information and advice on Professional Licensing & certification

  • Orientation counseling
  • Workshops

  • Professional Licensing Guides

  • Access online trainings and tools, for industry-specific licensing and certification guides

Help Immigrant Integration  in the USA


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Basic Computer & job skills training

Basic Computer Skills for Low Income Immigrants:

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Office 

Word, Excel, Power Point, Access.




Browsers, Email Accounts, Online Payments, online Jobs, English Learning Online top-sites.

Computers Donations

Professional workshops



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