Immigration Assistance: Settlement and Integration

Immigration in the united States of America remains a constant socio- politico- economic concern. Settling in the united stated is a major hurdle for immigrants at different levels. the various domains of challenges involves:

  • Language
  • Legal Status
  • Race
  • Naturalization rates
  • Finding a Job
  • Curriculum Adjustment
  • Housing

Caleb the House of Immigrants Adjust, adapt, and have a good integration experience.

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Adjustment, Adaptation, and Integration of Immigrants

CTHI offers Various settlement and Integration Services:

English Classes

Language Interpretation

Official Forms Search and Application Assistance

Short-Term Shelter

Affordable Housing

Access to Social Services

Employment Search

Social Participation

and more….

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“Integrating immigrants into the new culture is not an easy task. It requires a period of adjustment by the natives and the immigrants.  It further requires an understanding of the dynamics of cultural integration as well as the internal and external changes that occur during various stages of cultural integration” (1).

(1) Diakanwa, D. N., 2011. ADJUSTING AND INTEGRATION NEW IMMIGRANTS IN THE AMERICAN CULTURE. Retrieved from DiakanwaDIntegratingNewImmigrantsE.pdf

Our mission is to help immigrants ease up that adjustment process.

If you are an immigrant in the USA, and  in need of assistance,

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Immigrants come to the United States mainly to find better life. 

But, there are many challenges involving education for children, social integration and employment for parents.

New immigrants in the USA must overcome various challenges such as cultures reconciliation, language barriers, School systems transition and education issues, health and employment.

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Immigrant integration in the USA socio-cultural and Economic environment is very challenging. the challenging section include:

  • Language
  • Socioeconomic Integration
  • Residential Integration
  • Political Integration
  • Social Integration

Our expertise grant us the capacity to help the integration of Immigrants in the USA by providing them the right information and assistance every step of the way.