Caleb The House of Immigrants is a membership organization with benefits. Members who are refugees, asylees, immigrants understand the vision of the organization because they constantly benefit from. They engage in supporting others in vulnerable positions and participating in the various activities designed and adopted by the general assembly.

Become a part of MAKING THINGS happen for Immigrants in the USA

Do you have hard time filling out a form?

Do you need help to write a contract?

Do you have difficulties writing an affidavit?

Do you need a low cost office space for your business?

Do you have hard time understanding a document?

Do you need assistance to apply for a green or Naturalization ?

Do you need assistance applying for your first rental?

Do you Need a temporary  place to stay?

Do you need help to buy a house?

Do you feel disoriented or is your life in danger?

What help do you need? 

Caleb House can help

Types of memberships

General membership

General members contribute $65 annually and get in return a number of free services and a 50% discount on priced services.

Premium Membership

Premium members contribute $120 yearly. PMs give a higher annual contribution and get in return more free services and a 50% discount on priced services and free Gifts at the end of the year.

Please, call at 301-312-5029 or 571-639-6544 to learn more about the two types of membership.

Beyond the contribution we give, what matter the most is what we do as a group to change lives and bring a smile on the face of refugees and immigrants in the USA.


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